1 Oct - Battalion promotion formation for Cadet Sgt Ligon and Cadet Cpl Sanchez. We had a few other promotions that were held later in the day.

15 Aug - The Booster Club donates their first Scholarship to Alma Contreras as part of their new MCJROTC Scholarship Initiative.

31 Aug - We recognized MI 1stSgt Stevens with gifts to commemorate his last day as an active duty Marine. Semper Fi!

26 - 31 Aug - Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC Please take a look at the great experience that we had sharing the events of actual Marine Corps recruit training with our cadets. From the gas chamber, rifle range and obstacle course to the chow hall and marching, our cadets received a unique opportunity. Few people get a chance to work firsthand with the rigors of Marine Corps boot camp with a drill instructor inspiring them every day.

1 Oct - Cadets learned about flag etiquette and began a tradition of MCJROTC morning and afternoon "colors," where cadets take charge of raising and lowering the American Flag every morning and afternoon.

16 Aug - The ESTEM High School MCJROTC welcomes our newest Military Instructor, 1stSgt S. Paul Stevens .


20 Aug - Welcoming our  cadets to the 2018-19 school year