Booster Mom President

Dean of Students

Lt Col Stroman

The Honorable Mr. Rex Tillerson

First Sergeant Bland


Secretary of State

Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps

President of the United States

Director of JROTC

The Honorable

Mr. James Mattis

Marine JROTC Instructor


Vice President of the United States

Master Sergeant Ross

General Robert Neller

Senior Marine JROTC Instructor

Director Region 5 JROTC

Gunnery Sergeant Morgan


The Honorable Mr. Mike Pence

General Glenn Walters 



Sergeant Major Green  


Commandant of the Marine Corps 

Marine Corps Jrotc 

Head and Founder of Schools

The Honorable Mr. Donald Trump

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp

Secretary of Navy 

Marine JROTC Instructor

Dean of Students

Secretary of Defense

The Honorable

Mr.Ray Mabus

Lt Col Oltman